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Major Macro Themes

Specific Trade Ideas

Measured Risk

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We analyze the global economy and business cycle in search of the best risk/reward trading opportunities across asset classes.


The Macro Trader is a weekly research publication focused on the global economy and how it affects different segments of the major asset classes: Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities and FX.

Actionable Ideas

Using fundamental, technical, business cycle, and sentiment analysis we look across the globe and asset classes for the best risk/reward trading opportunities. Based on that analysis, we provide specific, actionable trading ideas.

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What We Do

Investing/Trading With a Focus on Macro and Event Driven Long/Short Opportunities Across Asset Classes.

Research and trade all major asset classes-Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, and Currencies

Focus on three major trends: Long term secular, medium term business cycle, and short term.

Our research process is very systematic but our trading is discretionary.

Believe in macro to micro to macro and back again. The view from the top down is crucial but change starts from the bottom up so we focus on both in order to anticipate and not just react to economic data.

Risk management is the most deciding factor between being a successful or an unsuccessful investor. We have a strict risk management process in order to protect our downside.  After all if you lose all your chips you can no longer play.