Port Traffic Rebounds….Sort of

Over on the Calculated Risk blog we saw today how they were talking about the rebound in port data using Los Angeles port data. Since we track the LA and Long Beach ports (they both publish data on their websites) we decided that we would take a closer look at this supposed 28.9% rise in total loaded containers.

Looking at the combined data we can see that not only have we had a strong rebound as of late but that it appears to have happened several times over the past few years.

Combined Port Data


After noticing that each year around this time ports have a drastic increase in total volume we broke the data down by month.  In the chart below you can see the March data from 1995 to now.

March Data


As evidenced by this chart it is obvious that March typically is a strong month.  In fact from 1995 to now it is on average the strongest month of the year.  The average gain from February to March is 10.69%.  The next best month on average is April with an average gain of 5.96%.

What this data shows is that while we did have a rebound of sort it appears to be a seasonal pattern that shows up almost every single year.  That being said the data is up and the economy could have turned and things could have changed……but we doubt it.

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