Goldollar Index

One important indicator for gold is the Goldollar index.  The Goldollar index is formulated by taking the price of gold and multiply it by the US Dollar Index.  This has the effect of giving us the trend of the price of gold isolated from movements in the US Dollar.  As far as we know the Goldollar index was devised by the McClellans of McClellan Oscillator fame.  Just as the developers intended we use this index to help forecast and confirm what the price of gold is likely to do and what it is currently doing.  If the Goldollar index breaks out to the upside gold usually follows, and if it tanks then gold follow to the downside as well.  While it is not perfect it has definitely aided us in our trading.

So what is the Goldollar index showing us right now?  As you can see in the chart below the Goldollar index in the lower pane looks similar to the gold chart in the upper pane.  The main difference is that the Goldollar index has broken out from its consolidation and is right at its highs and gold is not.  While not the holy grail, and therefore sometimes wrong this would indicate to us that in the relatively near future gold will be moving higher. (Click on chart to enlarge)

Gold and Goldollar Index


Disclaimer-currently hold no position in gold but that is likely to change soon

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