Enough About QE2 Look At The EU

We are sick of talking about QE2. Instead lets look at the EU. European Credit Default Swaps are blowing out, and really it is the consistently weak countries known as the PIIGS. Italy is actually doing alright although it too is ticking higher but Ireland, Portugal, Greece, and Spain are once again on the races to see who can suck the worst…again. If this continues, and it probably will, we will have to revisit shorting the Euro. For now we will just sit back and watch.

Ireland 5-Yr CDS


Portugal 5-Yr CDS


Greece 5-Yr CDS


Spain 5-Yr CDS


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Disclaimer-Right now we are riding out Ben “The Bubble” Bernanke’s bubble (long a slug of “risky” assets) but are looking to short the Euro soon.

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