All I Want For Christmas

With Christmas only hours away we thought it appropriate to give Santa something to mull over as he flies around the world giving all the good kids presents. Here is our Christmas list and to hoping that we were good enough this year to get any of them.

-European leaders to realize that this is more than a liquidity problem. Alternatively for European leaders to lead instead of the ridiculous statements that have been coming out of that continent for over year now.

-Democrats and Republicans to find some competence. Currently they seem to be trying to make stupid seem smart. We realize that this is a tall order for Santa but if we got this present we would be content for years.

-Correlations to drop. This past year everything has been trading with a correlation of either 1 or -1, neither of which is conducive to directional trading. We like buying good industry groups, shorting bad ones, buying certain commodities, and selling others. This past year has had us either buying “risk” assets or buying USD and Treasuries. Santa please fix it as this is getting old.

-For the hyper inflationistas to STFU. Yeah we said it. I am completely sick of people like Peter Schiff coming on my TV and radio to tell me that hyper inflation is hiding right around the corner. You have been yelling for four years and so far we have had mild inflation at best. Please Santa if you would like to shut these people up it would be a great Christmas and New Year.

-Teach financial writers how to write headlines. “Market is down .01% on housing numbers.” If the market barely moved then why do you have to apply a reason for it? Just say that the market is up x% today and then list off what happened that day. We don’t need a made up reason that only annoys us.

-An Energy Policy. We realize that this present is as hard to deliver. After all since WW2 every single president has said that we will be energy independent in X amount of years and yet after they are in office they do nothing, absolutely nothing. Even though we realize that this present can’t fit under the tree it would be amazing to finally get it.

That’s it. We already have our Red Ryder BB gun, our Radio Flyer wagon, a snuggy, etc. This Christmas we would love for some of these problems to at least be addressed if not solved. World Peace would also be awesome but we would be more than happy to settle for any and/or all of the above.

Happy Trading,

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