Some Benefits Of Trading Across Asset Classes-Or An Advertisement For Global Macro

With only a few weeks left in 2015 it would be a fair statement to say that there has been a lot of troubles in the asset management business. US Stocks are flat, bonds are flat, foreign stocks are down, commodities are down, junk bonds are down, and gold is down.  Here is a year to date performance chart of some of the major asset classes.  As you can see it has been less than ideal for the long only world.

Asset Classes

Some Major Asset Classes YTD

Years like this are why we are such big fans of being able to go long/short across asset classes.  In our model portfolio equities have been a drag in 2015 of a bit over -4.00%. We were short emerging market stocks for part of their fall but aside from that we mainly lost money on our equity trades.  Fixed income added slightly less than +1.00%. Being short commodities off and on, gold and copper, has added around +5%. This year currencies have been our big winner adding over +13.00%. As of last night our model portfolio is up 15.60%. Our worst drawdown on the year was -5.35% and we are currently down -1.83 from our equity highs. Model Portfolio Equity Curve 2015 Model Portfolio Equity Curve 2015

If we had a fixed mandate of being only long equities, long fixed income. or long anything we would have been flat at best and probably negative for the year. Instead we had the flexibility to go where we found the best risk/reward opportunities.


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