Equity Risk Meter

Our Equity Risk Meter essentially measures how bullish or bearish we are towards the US Markets.   The higher the reading the less risk there is in the market and the lower it goes the more risk there is.

Right now for instance the meter is reading 12.5%, which is very bearish.  As you can see we have been bearish for some time now and very bearish since mid June, enabling us to avoid almost all of the downturn in the stock market.  When the meter starts to climb we become more and more bullish and look towards the longside.  For now we are essentially on the sidelines sitting in cash.

Equity Risk Meter

We will be posting our risk meter for US equities each week.  If you would like to follow it you can either come to the site each week or simply subscribe to our RSS feed.  Using RSS you will be able to either receive our posts as an e-mail or in your RSS reader.

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The Macro Trader

The Macro Trader


Welcome to The Macro Trader. As the name implies we are a service dedicated to global macro research and trading. We have been publishing a weekly newsletter with frequent intra-week updates since November of 2007 that focuses on several different asset classes using ETF’s.

Right now we focus on US Equities, Foreign Equities, Fixed Income (Treasuries, Investment Grade Corporates, and Junk Bonds), Commodities, and Currencies. Our typical holding period is about two months with the ideal trade lasting forever and some of our trades only lasting a few days. In essence we trade multiple strategies across multiple asset classes.

While ultimately discretionary traders we use a systematic process for idea generation. We use about 100 different models to help us find trades that meet our strict risk to reward criteria. Our models look at just about everything. We look at economic, fundamental, technical, and sentiment indicators as inputs into our models. Here is a good post that describes what we do called “Our Basic Approach to Finding Investment Ideas”.

We try to explain things in an easy to understand manner and are always willing to answer any questions that our readers may have. One of our strengths as compared to most other newsletters is that we focus on risk first and then look at reward. We are striving to build a solid long term track record and in the newsletter report our model portfolios returns. Instead of saying you could have made $5 trillion dollars off of this one trade we think that by showing how an entire portfolio has done it gives a better representation of the potential results. So while far too many newsletters cherry pick individual trades when talking about performance we give a detailed view of what our model portfolio has done.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into what we actually do and what we have to offer. We look forward to serving you and providing well thought out and actionable trading ideas. We offer quarterly and yearly subscriptions and look forward to helping provide you with global macro research. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

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The Macro Trader


About Us

The Macro Trader is a weekly newsletter that focuses on investing/trading with a focus on macro and event driven long/short opportunities across asset classes.

Trading and investing this way over time enables us to achieve consistent, uncorrelated, and outsized returns when compared to other styles of investing. Why is this? It is because our philosophy on Macro Trading is that we are trying to be in the best risk to reward situations possible anywhere in anything. Instead of being married to value stocks, small-cap stocks, emerging market bonds, real estate, etc. we can go where we see the greatest opportunity or as some might say to “go where the money is.”

Competition between companies like Freshdesk and Zendesk Competition is making the online sales space very competitive, and raising market share 30%.We all know that strategies and asset classes go in and out of favor. Think technology late nineties or real estate from 2001 to spring of 2007. So instead of being stuck in a style box we try to follow in the footsteps of great hedge fund managers such as George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, Bruce Kovner, Stanley Druckenmiller, Michael Marcus, Jim Rogers, Nick Roditi, Jim Leitner, and many other great Global Macro investors and “go where the money is.”

So please join us at TheMacroTrader.com in our search for consistent, uncorrelated, outsized returns.

-The Macro Trader

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