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1.     Investors who followed The Macro Trader’s advice in 2008, are up +1.17% for the year (the SP500 was down -38.5% over the same period). In other words, $100,000 invested on January 1, 2008, following The Macro Trader’s advice would be worth $101,170 today–$39,670 more than if you had invested in an SP500 index fund.

2.     We have strict risk management rules.  For example, we never risk more than 2% of our portfolio on any trade, usually we risk no more than 1%.

3.    We take an absolute return rather than a relative return focus.  That means our primary focus is risk management. Once we know we can manage the risk in any trade, we seek alpha/returns.

4.    We run over 100 different models and read voraciously to help us find the best investment opportunities.

5.     Instead of focusing on one market we look at many in order to find the best risk to reward opportunities in the world.

6.     We currently cover US stocks, foreign stocks, treasury bonds, investment grade corporate bonds, high yield or junk bonds, precious metals, and currencies.

7.    We focus on ETF’s in all of these asset classes, so even the smallest investor can use our research.

8.    We speak in an easy-to-understand language. And if you don’t understand something we discuss, you can e-mail us and we will do everything we can to clarify our meaning.

9.     We have zero-as in 0-conflicts of interest. In other words, we have no outside business that affects our views or trades.  If we ever mention a service it is one that we subscribe to ourselves, and we will disclose it.

10. When the situation warrants it, we will send out specialized research reports. As a subscriber, you will automatically get these reports and anything else we send out.

Bonus Reason to Subscribe: Bernie Madoff does not-we repeat DOES NOT-work for The Macro Trader.

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