We here at TheMacroTrader.com feel that global macro is one of the best styles of trading and investing that there is.  Instead of locking yourself into one asset class or trading style, global macro allows you to focus on the best risk-to-reward opportunities.  If the best trading opportunities are in the bond market why do you want to be stuck in equities or commodities?  Global macro allows you to go wherever you can find the best trades.  In addition to finding the best risk to reward opportunities on a macro level, you are also better able to find the best opportunities on a micro level.  If housing is going to go down then who cares if housing stocks look “cheap”, if raw materials are collapsing then why would you want to be buying steel producers?  No matter how you look at it every investment decision you make contains a macro call.

Because of the macro calls inherent in every investment decision we at TheMacroTrader.com have put together our Macro Trading 101 course to help give you an overview of what indicators you should look at to help decipher the economy as well as to learn what the primary drivers are for each asset class.  After we have built a solid foundation we then go over how to use risk management techniques to determine when to buy, when to sell, how much to buy, and how to contain portfolio risk.

Why would we be offering this course for free?  TheMacroTrader.com is a research firm and our primary product is a weekly newsletter that focuses on global macro trading using ETF’s.  We feel that by better educating potential subscribers about what global macro is, we will be able to reach more clients.  Whether you subscribe to the newsletter or not we hope that you enjoy the e-mail course.

The course is delivered via e-mail in PDF format.  You will be receiving two installments each week.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop us an e-mail and we will be happy to help you.  One last thing, we hate spam as much as anyone and will never rent or sell your contact information.  To begin receiving Macro Trading 101 just fill out the form below.