One Not So Bullish Sentiment Indicator

One indicator that we follow is that of the 5-Day Equity Put/Call Ratio.  In fact it was one of the indicators that helped lead us to call for a correction back on January 12th in our post “It’s Time For A Pullback In Stocks”.  A few days later the SP500 started its 9% pullback.

So what is it saying right now?  If you look at the chart below you can see that the reading on the 5-Day Equity Put/Call ratio is at its lowest (most bearish) level in over four years with a reading of .50. This of course coincides with a near new high in the SP500. (Click on chart to enlarge)

SP500 and 5-day Equity Put/Call Ratio


While we aren’t calling for a new correction, we do think that we are likely in for a pullback of sorts before moving higher.  We remain bullish in the medium term as breadth remains strong and many industry groups continue to break out.  While shorting is definitely an option, in light of our longer term outlook we have instead opted to hedge our long exposure with some slightly out of the money options.

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Disclaimer-We hold long positions in several industry group ETF’s and puts on the SP500.

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It’s Time For A Pullback In Stocks

After a 72% move higher in the SP500 a lot of bears are saying that the market has gone far enough and that we are due for a new crash that will take us back to and in some cases past the lows of 2008.  While a crash is possible and probably justified we are instead looking for something along the lines of a modest pullback to maybe a 10% correction.

One of our favorite sentiment indicators is that of put/call ratios.  We use the 5-day equity only put call ratio to warn of high risk areas and to point our low risk areas.  As you can see in the chart below we are currently at a reading of .51 which is not only below out “high risk” threshold but is also the lowest reading in over a year.  While the signal could be wrong it is hard to argue that options traders are not overly one sided right now.

5-Day Equity Put/Call Ratio and SP500


In case you want to see more bearish sentiment look no further than the 10-day total put/call ratio.  Anything below .75 is typically considered very bearish and right now we have a reading of .68 which is the lowest reading in two years.  Needless to say this indicator is also showing that option traders are too bullish.

10-Day Total Put/Call Ratio and SP500


One price based indicator that we use at The Macro Trader fairly extensively is what we call a reversion to the mean chart.  Basically it takes a long term reading of the market, normalizes it, and then gives an overbought/oversold reading.  We then plot one and two standard deviation lines above and below the mean.  As you an see in the chart below we are about 1.5 standard deviations above the mean which is significantly higher than we saw for most of the 2002-2007 bull market suggesting that things are a bit overdone.

SP500 RTM Chart


Add to all of this a TD Sequential sell signal a few day ago and how near we are to a 50% retracement of the crash and things look less like a buying opportunity and more like a selling/shorting opportunity.  Again we are not calling for a new low, just a pullback/correction.

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Disclaimer-The Macro Trader is short the SPY-Sp500 ETF

II Survey Shows Overheated Sentiment

While extremely bullish sentiment does not always call tops it has never, at least to our knowledge, ever called a bottom either. Looking at the chart below of the Investors Intelligence Bull Bear Ratio along with its 13-week (3-month) moving average you can see that not only has sentiment risen as fast as the market but it is at highs not seen since 2004. While this is not necessarily a sign of a market crash like some would lead you to believe we do think that the current situation warrants caution. We are currently not selling off our long positions but we are holding off from most long opportunities right now. (Click on chart twice to enlarge)

Investors Intelligence Bull Bear Ratio


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Is It Time To Buy The US Dollar?

Yesterday we wrote about how we feel that the Euro is headed lower due to overvaluation, the technical picture, and market positioning.  In light of that we thought that we would show the technical picture of the US Dollar index.

In the chart below you can see a chart of the US Dollar index all the way back to 1971.  In the lower panel we have plotted the distance from the 200-day sma shown as a percentage.  Not surprisingly the index rarely strays more than 10% away from the 200-day.  In fact since 1971 it has only gone above or below by 10% 11 times.  Since 1992 it has only breached the 10% level once back in 2008 in the midst of the financial crisis. Right now we are close to the lower levels of a typical move.  Could it go lower?  Of course the answer is that yes it can, but if history is any guide we doubt that we have much lower to go before a decent sized bounce. (Click on chart twice to enlarge)

US Dollar Index


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Disclaimer-In The Macro Trader newsletter we are currently short the EUR/USD

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